Garden State Sealing has been a trusted name and partner to the property management community since 1983. In September of 2022, we became Garden State Pavement Solutions. Our new name more accurately depicts who we have become and better emphasizes the strength of our core capabilities.

Our advanced, in-depth property evaluation tools, pavement rating system, and project charter methodology will help property managers effectively budget and plan for current and annual new construction, reconstruction and maintenance. We believe it is important to build trust with our customers through transparency and deed. We A.I.M. for good.

Garden State Sealing has been a longstanding and esteemed collaborator within the property management sector since 1983. As of September 2022, we embarked on a transformative journey, rebranding ourselves as Garden State Pavement Solutions. This new name aligns more closely with our evolved identity and underscores the robustness of our core competencies.

Our commitment to property managers remains unwavering. We offer an array of advanced property assessment tools, a comprehensive pavement rating system, and a well-structured project charter methodology that empowers property managers to effectively plan and allocate budgets for current projects as well as annual new construction, reconstruction, and maintenance endeavors. Our guiding principle is to cultivate trust with our customers through transparency and action, embodying our commitment to delivering excellence.

Today, under the rebranded name Garden State Pavement Solutions, we continue our commitment to excellence and innovation within the industry.

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