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Garden State Pavement Solutions provides unmatched paving services to East Windsor, New Jersey, offering top-notch solutions such as parking lot repair, asphalt resurfacing, and concrete drainage maintenance. We use sophisticated property assessment tools, a comprehensive pavement rating system, and strategic asphalt and concrete restoration methods to improve commercial, industrial, municipal, and residential paving projects. Our commitment to transparency and action underscores our dedication to fostering trust with our valued clients.

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  • In September 2022, our evolution into Garden State Pavement Solutions showcased our refined identity and enhanced capabilities.
  • We offer a round-the-clock emergency service, guaranteeing our availability precisely when you require our assistance.
  • Our thorough property assessments unveil possible damage risks, deterioration problems, drainage complications, and ADA compliance considerations for parking lots.

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Nestled in Mercer County, New Jersey, East Windsor offers a unique blend of history, modernity, and natural beauty. This township is strategically located near major highways, making it easily accessible from neighboring towns and cities. East Windsor’s rich history dates back to the colonial era, and remnants of this past can be found in well-preserved landmarks like the Old School Baptist Church and the Benjamin Temple House. The community takes pride in preserving its heritage and promoting historical awareness.

The township boasts an array of attractions suitable for a diverse range of interests. The Mercer County Park is a sprawling recreational area featuring sports fields, picnic spots, and scenic walking trails. The Hightstown Historic District offers a glimpse into the town’s history with charming architecture and local boutiques. For those interested in shopping, the Windsor Hightstown Marketplace provides a mix of shops and restaurants. Food enthusiasts can explore a variety of dining options, from cozy cafes to international eateries, offering culinary experiences to suit all tastes.

With its historical charm, modern amenities, and vibrant community events, East Windsor offers a well-rounded experience for both residents and visitors. Whether exploring its historical sites, enjoying outdoor recreation, or indulging in local cuisine, East Windsor provides a welcoming environment for all to discover and enjoy.

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