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Industrial Asphalt Repair Project in Monroe Township, NJ

Who do New Jersey commercial shipping companies trust for asphalt paving and repairs? Garden State Pavement Solutions, industrial asphalt repair experts, have spent decades developing relationships with local commercial and industrial property owners. One of our returning clients, a Monroe, NJ shipping company, recently contacted us about their facility, which is plagued by asphalt failures and sinking catch basins. This threatened their operations and their bottom line!

Because of our extensive repair experience, they knew the Garden State asphalt contractors could restore their facility! This extensive asphalt paving project involved catch basin repair, milling, and paving.

Efficient Industrial Asphalt Repair: Garden State Pavement Solutions in Monroe Township, NJ

Over the years, heavy tractor-trailer traffic had worn down the roadway leading to this Monroe Township shipping facility, parking lots, and loading zones, too! Heavy wear like this can lead to a lot of different problems, from potholes to depressions, and this shipping facility had all of them. Sinking catch basins made everything worse by letting water stand on the paved surfaces, contributing to the deterioration.

To tackle all these problems, GSPS undertook comprehensive industrial asphalt repair solutions designed to replace worn pavement and prevent further issues. First, our experienced paving contractors began resurfacing their pavement, targeting 25% of the lot to fortify high-traffic zones and establish a stable subbase. For the remaining 75%, a two-inch milling and overlay treatment tackled issues like rutting, potholes, and alligator cracking, common in heavily trafficked areas. During the project, we removed the top two inches of the paved surface and then repaved with fresh hot mix. Finally, we smoothed and compacted the new paved areas, paying close attention to the slope in all areas for proper drainage. To prevent future water damage, we also repaired catch basins by raising frames and fixing internal walls.

This overhaul resulted in enhanced structural integrity and smoother operations for heavy vehicles. The proactive catch basin repairs ensured these problems wouldn’t return. Our longtime industrial client loves their new pavement! They said all our improvements let trucks pull in and out seamlessly.

Look at the difference pavement repair can make!

For New Jersey commercial property owners seeking dependable industrial asphalt repair solutions like these, Garden State Pavement Solutions is there. Contact us today to see what we can do for your industrial asphalt!

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