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Concrete Walkway Trip Hazard Removal in New Brunswick NJ

When it comes to concrete paving in New Jersey communities like New Brunswick, put your trust in the reliable expertise of Garden State Pavement Solutions. […]

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Roadway Paving and Reconstruction Project in New Brunswick NJ

Garden State Pavement Solutions completed a community reconstruction project of a roadway, sidewalks, parking, and drainage for New Brunswick, NJ. Over the past ten years, […]

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How to Choose a Commercial Snow Removal Contractor

JUN 28, 2019 POSTED BY: ABIGAIL STOCK FACILITY MANAGEMENT, PROPERTY MAINTENANCE, SNOW REMOVAL CONTRACTOR   Winter is officially upon us, many parts of the country […]

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We’re Hiring!

Garden State Sealing provides asphalt and concrete maintenance services to property managers, commercial property owners, and municipalities. We deliver an unparalleled customer experience and provide […]

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Why Treated Rock Salt is Better for your Sidewalks than Calcium Chloride

Much of the discussion about the effects of deicing products on concrete centers around the corrosive effects deicing products have on embedded steel used to […]

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Does No Snow Mean No Potholes?

New Jersey winters have been relatively mild in recent years, and snow totals have been below average. If you believe snow forms potholes, you would […]

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