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Asphalt Paving near Princeton: A Successful Pavement Solution

Asphalt paving near Princeton a project that was recently completed by Garden State Pavement Solutions.  They performed 2″ Driveway RRR (Rip, Remove, and Replace) work. This endeavor involved revamping a total of 100 driveways within the Pike Run Greens HOA community. By employing their expertise, the team at Garden State Pavement Solutions tackled multiple issues and delivered impressive results.

The primary challenge was the deteriorating condition of the driveways. Age, fading, and water erosion had weakened the asphalt structure and compromised the subbase. Furthermore, the overall appeal of the houses suffered due to the distressed driveways and loose curbing throughout the property.

To address these concerns, Garden State Pavement Solutions executed a meticulous process. Using excavators, they skillfully ripped out the old driveways and responsibly disposed of the debris. The subbase was re-graded with the help of efficient skid steers. Finally, a fresh 2″ layer of asphalt was applied, ensuring a smooth and durable surface.

The company’s dedication to quality extended beyond the driveways themselves. Damaged Belgium block curbs were replaced and reset, while mortar was expertly used to create clean, smooth joints. Additionally, the team took great care in restoring each driveway, resetting the river stones and replenishing any disturbed topsoil during the excavation process.

The successful completion of this project was met with positive feedback from both the project manager and the engineers involved. They expressed their satisfaction with the exceptional quality of the driveways and praised Garden State Pavement Solutions for the seamless process implemented, minimizing disruption for the residents. The project was thoughtfully executed in three phases, prioritizing the convenience of the community.

Garden State Pavement Solutions continues to excel in delivering superior pavement solutions, helping communities like Pike Run Greens HOA improve their infrastructure while enhancing the overall appeal of their properties.

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