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As a reputable paving company in Princeton, New Jersey, Garden State Pavement Solutions has gained trust over three decades of delivering remarkable results and satisfying customers. Our team’s expertise and unwavering commitment to excellence have earned recognition for our dependable paving solutions, including parking lot paving, asphalt repairs, and concrete drainage fixes. Our distinct focus on clear communication, transparency, and customized services distinguishes us as the preferred option for all your paving requirements.

Paving Services Offered in Princeton NJ


Full Service Pavement Solution Provider

  • Garden State Pavement Solutions, formerly Garden State Sealing, has been a trusted partner to the property management community since 1983. Our new name reflects our evolution and highlights our core capabilities, ensuring we deliver exceptional pavement solutions.
  • With our advanced property evaluation tools, pavement rating system, and project charter methodology, we empower property managers to effectively budget and plan for paving projects.
  • Our property assessments empower property managers to make informed decisions for their pavement needs.

All About Princeton NJ

Nestled in Mercer County, New Jersey, Princeton is renowned for its historical significance, academic prowess, and charming ambiance. With a population of approximately 30,000, this small yet vibrant town is not only home to Princeton University but also to a rich cultural heritage that seamlessly blends old-world charm with modern sophistication.

Today, Princeton exudes a unique blend of academic energy and cultural diversity. Its picturesque streets are lined with historic homes, boutiques, galleries, and world-class eateries. The town’s cultural scene is enriched by venues like the Princeton University Art Museum and the McCarter Theatre Center, offering residents and visitors a myriad of artistic experiences. Surrounded by lush parks and natural beauty, Princeton provides ample opportunities for outdoor recreation, from hiking in the Mountain Lakes Nature Preserve to enjoying the serene landscapes of the Delaware and Raritan Canal State Park.

With its rich history, academic prowess, cultural vibrancy, and scenic beauty, Princeton, New Jersey, is a quintessential example of a harmonious blend of tradition and progress.

Asphalt Paving near Princeton: A Successful Pavement Solution

Asphalt paving near Princeton a project that was recently completed by Garden State Pavement Solutions.  They performed 2″ Driveway RRR (Rip, Remove, and Replace) work. […]

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