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Parking Lot Repair near Princeton: Efficient Catch Basin Repairs

Ewing Township Asphalt Project - Catch Basin RepairParking lot repair near Princeton of a catch basin was recently successfully completed by Garden State Pavement Solutions. The work involved addressing internal and external issues, ensuring the structural integrity of the drain.  The job encompassed a comprehensive approach to tackle the catch basin problems. In a 10’x6′ patch surrounding the catch basin, our team removed 2 inches of asphalt and replaced it. We also diligently repaired the inside of the catch basin, reinstalled missing blocks, and secured them with concrete. To comply with standards, a new hood and bolts were installed.

We came into contact with the client through a previous working relationship, demonstrating our commitment to client satisfaction. The client requested a site-wide inspection of all catch basins, which we promptly conducted. Our team identified the areas requiring repairs, presented the findings to the client, and obtained approval for the necessary work.

Throughout the project, we prioritized efficiency without compromising quality. The client expressed satisfaction with both the results and the timely completion. Our dedication to identifying problems and providing top-notch repairs garnered positive feedback from the client.

At Garden State Pavement Solutions, we believe in delivering high-quality solutions for all pavement maintenance needs. Whether it’s catch basin repairs, asphalt paving, or any other pavement-related service, our experienced team is committed to delivering efficient, reliable, and timely solutions. Contact us today for all your pavement maintenance requirements.

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