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Parking Lot Planning and Assessment Program

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For New Jersey parking lots, Garden State Pavement Solutions is the commercial paving company trusted by more businesses than other paving contractors. One of the reasons is that we focus on what property owners need and ways to make their pavement management easier. To do this, we’ve created a specialized parking lot management program that informs businesses about their properties, helps them better manage their commercial paving services, and ultimately saves money.

Well-informed pavement management decisions start with a property assessment. Once you know the location of potential hazards, deterioration, damage, drainage, and ADA compliance issues, property managers and owners can better decide what paving services will best serve their needs.

The Garden State Pavement Management Report

We offer Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 paid site assessment plans. These levels vary in complexity, scope, and level of detail provided to the customer. The higher the level the more comprehensive assessment they will receive.

To arm our clients with the most information possible, we put together a thorough report after our professional assessment is over, including multiple pictures and detailed descriptions of the following items:

  • Location of all storm drains and drainage systems
  • Areas of pavement damage, both concrete, and asphalt, including rutting, raveling, cracks, and surface deterioration
  • Places where conditions could lead to damage, such as standing water or debris
  • All ADA compliance issues, such as faded parking lines or incorrect signage

Our itemized pavement management report also lists all items from low to medium to severe to allow you to prioritize what needs to be done today versus what should be looked at in the future. With this information, NJ business owners and property managers can make the best decisions for their commercial pavement and save money on paving services.

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There’s only one company to call when it’s time to redesign your current parking lot or install a new lot on an NJ commercial property: Garden State Pavement Solutions. We have years of experience with commercial asphalt paving so we can tackle your property’s challenges.

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