Parking Lot Striping


Parking lot striping is a crucial component of maintaining a safe and organized parking area. Faded or missing pavement markings can create confusion and hazards for drivers and pedestrians. At Garden State Pavement Solutions, we offer professional parking lot striping services to ensure your property is safe, organized, and in compliance with ADA regulations.

Parking lot striping serves several important purposes:

  • Safety: Clearly marked parking spaces, directional arrows, and pedestrian crosswalks help prevent accidents and injuries.
  • Organization: Proper striping helps maximize the number of parking spaces available and ensures that vehicles are parked in an orderly manner.
  • Compliance: ADA regulations require specific markings, including handicap parking spaces and accessible routes.

The Process: At Garden State Pavement Solutions, we use high-quality traffic paint and state-of-the-art striping equipment to ensure clear and durable markings. Our process typically involves the following steps:

  1. Surface preparation: We thoroughly clean the surface and repair any cracks or potholes before striping.
  2. Layout and design: We work with you to create a custom striping plan that meets your specific needs and complies with ADA regulations.
  3. Striping: Using our specialized equipment, we apply high-quality traffic paint or thermo to create crisp, clear lines and markings.

Common Problems and Liability Issues

Faded or missing striping can create several problems for commercial property owners, including:

  • Reduced safety: Faded or missing crosswalks, stop bars, or directional arrows can cause confusion and accidents.
  • Reduced accessibility: Missing or improperly marked handicap parking spaces and access routes can result in ADA violations and potential lawsuits.
  • Reduced efficiency: Poorly marked parking spaces and directional arrows can lead to traffic congestion and reduced parking capacity.

Don’t let faded or missing pavement markings put your customers, employees, or property at risk. Contact Garden State Pavement Solutions today to learn more about our professional parking lot striping services.

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