Asphalt Reconstruction

Pavement reconstruction involves the complete removal and replacement of the current pavement on a roadway or any other paved area. The process is necessary when the current pavement is severely damaged, has deteriorated significantly, or has outlived its maximum functional use duration.

Our Pavement Reconstruction Process

Pavement reconstruction typically involves these steps:

  • Demolition: Existing pavement is completely removed using heavy machinery like bulldozers or excavators.
  • Grading: The subgrade, or base layer of the pavement is prepared and leveled to ensure proper drainage and a stable foundation for the new pavement.
  • Installation of subbase: A subbase layer of crushed stone or other material is installed for additional stability and drainage.
  • New pavement placement: The new pavement is installed using a variety of techniques, including paving machines or by hand.
  • Finishing: The new pavement is compacted with rollers, smoothing and leveling the surface, and applying any necessary markings or pavement striping.

Pavement reconstruction is pricier and more time-intensive compared than other pavement maintenance or repair methods, but it’s essential when the current pavement is irreparable or has surpassed its service life. The restored pavement offers a sturdy, long-lasting, and smooth surface for vehicles and pedestrians.

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