ADA Compliance Parking Lot Paving and Striping in Bridgewater, NJ

Bridgewater Parking Lot Paving

At Garden State Pavement Solutions, we pride ourselves in quality parking lot paving and striping in New Jersey towns like Bridgewater. A local business owner was dealing with parking nightmares. Still, they knew our reputation as New Jersey’s best commercial asphalt company.

Our team visited the business pronto to assess their pavement and accessibility problems. After checking things out, our estimator saw a few issues: the previous paving contractor didn’t get the grade right, causing drainage failure. When we dug in, we found debris in the subgrade, causing instability in the asphalt itself.

We came up with a solid plan: a complete parking lot paving and striping project that included asphalt services ranging from excavating damaged pavement to installing new concrete sidewalks and ADA-compliant line striping. Our process ensures we fix what’s broken and leave a sturdy, top-notch paved surface with bright pavement markings that will last years. And guess what? This ADA compliance and pavement repair project went off without a hitch! We wrapped it up on time, with no hassle for customers. The owner was thrilled, especially with our attention to detail.

Expert Parking Lot Paving by Garden State Pavement Solutions in Bridgewater, New Jersey

We’ve been the go-to experts in commercial asphalt paving since 1983, specializing in solutions like the recent parking lot paving and ADA compliance project in Bridgewater, New Jersey.

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