Emergency Drainage Repair Saves Raritan, NJ Parking Lot

Raritan NJ businesses, who would you call if a water main broke on your commercial property? Garden State Pavement Solutions, New Jersey’s trusted asphalt and concrete paving company, got a call from a Raritan property owner with a broken pipe under their asphalt! We responded with an emergency drainage repair solution that got them back to business quickly.

Expert Emergency Drainage Repair by Garden State Pavement Solutions Saves Raritan Business

After getting the property owner’s frantic phone call, the Garden State crew immediately mobilized. First, we assessed the drainage damage at the site. The damaged pipe, located 4 feet below ground, presented a sheer crack that required immediate attention. Shear cracks in water pipes can be caused by factors such as excessive stress or pressure on the pipe, ground movement or settlement, corrosion, or external forces like impacts or vibrations. The paved areas on an industrial property or a busy retail property get heavy traffic and can definitely suffer from all these conditions.

However, this property owner had Garden State Pavement Solutions on their side. Our professional paving contractors started the parking lot repair by excavating the failed area to expose the damaged pipe. Next, they removed rust and debris from the compromised pipe to ensure a clean surface for the repair. Utilizing a high-pressure band clamp, the team sealed the crack. This kind of band ensures that the broken area can withstand future stress.

The next step was replacing a concrete drainage pipe damaged by settling pavement. Using state-of-the-art excavating equipment, we exposed the damaged 15” concrete culvert pipe, removed it, and replaced it with another high-quality pipe that would stand the test of time. The entire site was then backfilled with stone aggregate that was compacted using a trench roller to establish a stable foundation. Next, we installed asphalt pavement to a six-inch depth, which was compacted to ensure a seamless finish.

Trust New Jersey’s Premier Paving Company for Emergency Pavement Repairs

This restoration project really showcases GSPS’s commitment to providing quality emergency asphalt services in a timely manner. For New Jersey property owners needing swift and reliable emergency drainage repair, trust Garden State Pavement Solutions for exceptional parking lot solutions.

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