Roadway Paving and Reconstruction Project in New Brunswick NJ

Garden State Pavement Solutions completed a community reconstruction project of a roadway, sidewalks, parking, and drainage for New Brunswick, NJ. Over the past ten years, we have been reconstructing this community area in phases to get everything done. This client has us working from Florida to New Jersey, our home state. We audited all their asphalt, concrete, and drainage assets, and this project was a priority.

The paving project involved installing new drainage systems, including downspouts and underdrains, and constructing new concrete walkways, patios, and curbing. The client, with whom Garden State Pavement Solutions has had a long-standing relationship, sought assistance addressing various issues, including needing a 6-inch full-depth roadway reconstruction, improving drainage to prevent liability hazards, and replacing non-compliant concrete walkways and curbing.

Professional concrete paving services, including parking lot drainage, are crucial for maintaining safe and functional surfaces. These services specialize in planning and executing effective drainage systems, ensuring efficient water runoff, and preventing hazards. By relying on the expertise of professional paving teams like Garden State Pavement Solutions, property owners can enhance the longevity and usability of their paved areas, minimizing the risk of accidents and preserving the integrity of the pavement.

This New Brunswick paving project resulted in a brand new, safe, and compliant courtyard, walkway, sidewalks, and parking lot. We even optimized the line striping to create approximately ten additional parking spaces, addressing the community’s pressing need for more parking.

Garden State Pavement Solutions, formerly Garden State Sealing, has been a trusted partner in property management since 1983. With advanced evaluation tools, a pavement rating system, and a project management methodology, we help property managers budget and plan construction, reconstruction, and maintenance projects effectively. Our focus on transparency and customer trust ensures the efficient execution of paving services to achieve your goals and preserve and extend your valuable assets.

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