Site Assessment

Site Inspection

Garden State Pavement Solutions offers a valuable service for property managers and owners called a “site inspection.” This service provides an in-depth analysis of the exterior surfaces of your property to help you make informed decisions about pavement maintenance and repair.

The site inspection report is an essential tool for decision-makers as it helps to control the bidding process, build a non-subjective work scope, and reduce or eliminate time with vendors. This process starts with a measurement and inspection of exterior components, followed by the assignment of PASER ratings to all pavement surfaces. The report includes maps and narratives on exterior components, prioritization of work based on the ratings of the property/portfolio, calculation of asset value of your pavements, analysis of the cost of various options (actions vs. inactions), development of a maintenance plan, CapEx future budget requirements, and risk mitigation.

By providing such detailed information, the site inspection report helps decision-makers to understand the current state of their pavement surfaces, prioritize repairs, and allocate resources effectively. The report also helps property managers to budget for future expenses and reduce the risk of costly pavement failures. Additionally, the report provides a framework for maintenance and repair work, helping to ensure that work is executed flawlessly and maintained over time to preserve and extend your hard assets.

At Garden State Pavement Solutions, we understand the importance of having a comprehensive understanding of your property’s assets. That’s why we provide detailed site inspection reports to help you make informed decisions about pavement maintenance and repair. Our team of experts has years of experience in the industry, ensuring that our reports are accurate and reliable.

If you’re a property manager or owner looking to make informed decisions about your pavement surfaces, don’t hesitate to contact Garden State Pavement Solutions. Our site inspection reports provide a comprehensive analysis of your pavement surfaces, helping you to prioritize repairs, budget for future expenses, and mitigate risk. Contact us today to learn more and schedule your site inspection.

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